As an online shopper, it’s easy to find the best deals on a given product. Many stores now have online stores where you can browse their inventory and order directly and have it shipped right to you.

For electronics, you can try to search for your product on stores like Amazon, Newegg, B&H, eBay and so on. Here on July 15, Amazon will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a massive amounts of discounts that day for Prime subscribers. They offer more deals than Black Friday and Cyber Monday that particular day, so be sure to stay tuned that day. This event is also called Amazon Premium on some Amazon storefronts.

What’s even better is that you can try Amazon Prime for 30 days at no cost. You can simply cancel the subscription if you don’t like it and won’t pay for it, and you wont get be charged a single dime. The deals at July 15 is exclusively offered to Prime subscribers, so be sure to check it out. It will be a great day for online shoppers and a majority of the items are eligible for free shipping too! We will disable resource-consuming elements from our website that day to handle the traffic properly.

We will update this page with great deals for hardware or software products that are related to PC building or displays, such as monitors, TVs, graphics cards, CPUs, RAM, case, power supply, cooler and so on, so tune in here at Prime Day to get the latest deals for Amazon Prime products. The deals may not last for long as the product may be sold out, so refresh this page when time is due, as we will update this page LIVE. We’ll update the table below with the latest and best Amazon Prime deals.

We have gathered information and made this FAQ to answer most of your initial questions.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day, also called Premium Day on some countries, is a one day only global event for Amazon Prime members with more deals than Black Friday. All types of Prime members are eligible, such as free trials, household members, Amazon Student, Amazon Mom and so on.
Prime Day (or Premium Day) is on July 15th and begins at midnight PDT and it lasts the entire day. There will be sales and savings in a wide variety of products, such as electronics, video games, clothing, toys, movies, DIY products and the list continues. There will also be Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, which are deals that last until they sell out and then they expire. New Lightning Deals will be published as often as every 10 minutes!

This is not an event that occurs every year. It didn’t happen last year and it most likely won’t take place next year either. Amazon are celebrating their 20th anniversary and this is their major anniversary sale.

How do I get Prime?

You can get a Free 30-day trial to Prime right here. If you are a student with an .edu email address, you can get a 6-month trial to Amazon Prime and an additional 50% discount once the 6 month trial is over. If one of your family members or a friend has a Prime account, then the person can add you to their Prime as a household member and you will get full access to the Amazon Prime deals like everybody else!

You should also keep an eye on your Credit Card’s promotional rates, as you might be able to get some cashback on some of your purchases. Discover & Amazon Prime Store Card users are able to get up to 5% cashback on Amazon purchases.

How do I keep track of these awesome deals?

You can keep an eye out on the Today’s Deals page, also called Gold Box Deals. Also keep an eye on this page, as we will update the table below with super great deals that are PC building related, such as monitors and TVs. Your F5 key or refresh button will be your good friend that day. Keep refreshing so that you are first in line to get the good deals. Also be sure to view the pages in incognito mode/private browsing mode, so that websites are not cached no matter what. If they are cached, then you will just load the website from your local harddrive instead of retrieving it from the web server every time.

We do not know know these deals beforehand. We’ll keep a close eye the whole day and add the latest deals with the newest ones at the top, as the older ones are more than likely sold out. If the product you are looking to buy is already discounted generously, then there’s really no reason to wait until Prime Day and compete with tens of thousands of other shoppers that are also looking for super great deals, and your item may be sold out before you can checkout.

How do I improve my chances of getting a good deal?

We recommend you setup your 1-click settings, so you can hit the button and instantly checkout, and thus giving you a great advantage over other shoppers that manually have to enter their payment credentials every time.

I already spent a lot of money. What if I have insufficient money left to take advantage of these deals?

You can use a Store Card that we mentioned earlier. It’s an Amazon-only Credit Card that allows you to get interest free financing on your purchases and if you get approved, you’ll get a $10 gift card as a small token. You can get interest-free financing for 6 months if your purchases exceed $149 or 12 months if your purchases exceed $599.

You can read more about it and apply for an Amazon Store Card here. Ensure that you are able to pay off the purchase within the specific time frame to avoid the interest fee of 25,99%.

Just in case you missed it, you can subscribe for Amazon Prime by clicking on the button below and follow the instructions to get the best Amazon Prime deals.

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