144hzmonitors.comĀ covers gaming monitors, including but not limited to 144Hz monitors. It covers the latest news regarding gaming monitors, technologies that reduce motion blur, such as LightBoost, display overclocking, high frame rate (HFR), variable refresh rate (G-SYNC, FreeSync) and any technologies that are better than the usual 60Hz refresh rate.

We are the worlds first site dedicated to 144Hz refresh rate monitors and also the first website to provide a monthly monitor buyer’s guide that covers the main features a customer would like to have.

Some of the many things that we cover:

  • Accurate, reliable and fast news about gaming monitors
    We track the actions of the big players in the computer monitor field, and provide you with information they release, which are related to gaming monitors. 144Hz is a feature that mostly gamers would like to have, hence the decision.
  • Knowledge base covering subjects related to monitors and the technologies within
    We spend a lot of time creating articles that educateĀ users using search engines or just visitors on our site. It’s a good trait to know at the basics about something before you buy it. We cover basically everything related 144Hz, gaming and monitors in general.
  • Monthly updated buyer’s guide
    You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time reading and learning everything about a monitor before you buy it: let us do it for you. We spend a lot of time looking through the current available monitors and their specs, reviews and benchmarks to create an easily understandable list of monitors, separated by the main features that a customer would like to have.
    Our goal is to provide a monthly updated buyer’s guide to everything related to gaming, which also includes GPU, CPU, mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset, hard drive and so on. Right now we only have a monitor buyer’s guide, but we will add others soon.


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