HP Omen X 35 Preview: 35-Inch Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor With G-Sync

HP Omen X 35

Update: The HP Omen X 35 was released earlier in February as opposed to the initial March release date. It’s already available for $1300.


HP, one of the biggest PC manufacturers, announced their first ultra-wide curved gaming monitor at the CES 2017. The HP Omen X 35 will also be their first monitor to feature the Nvidia G-Sync technology, and the screen size is no other than whopping 35-inches. As this monitor will be released sometime in March, we will share with you the information we have so far.


  • 35.03 Inches Screen (Curved)
  • 3440×1440 Resolution
  • 8-bit VA Panel (AMVA+) with 178° Viewing Angles
  • 21:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 4ms Response Time
  • 100Hz
  • Nvidia G-Sync
  • Ports: DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4
  • Other Ports: 3x USB3.0, Audio Line-Out
  • Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Static Contrast: 2,500:1
  • Dynamic Contrast: 10,000,000:1
  • Pixel Pitch: 0.2382mm


HP will launch the HP Omen X 35 sometime in March and immediately rival the other popular 34-inch curved gaming monitors with similar stats, the Acer Predator x34 and the Asus ROG Swift PG348Q. Besides the small difference in the size, all other features include the same specifications such as the G-Sync, 100Hz, and the resolution. The only major difference lies in the panel of the monitor, as the HP Omen X 35 feature a VA panel, whereas the others once have IPS panels.

The panel difference will not necessarily either make this monitor better or worse than the rivaling ones but rather add the personal preference factor. While both panels offer the same viewing angles of 178 degrees, the VA panel offers a higher contrast ratio of 2,500:1 static and 10,000,000:1 dynamic. This results in more shadow depth and better black levels in video games and overall use. Another big advantage of the VA panels is that there is no backlight bleed present as it’s the case with IPS panels.

IPS panels usually have more accurate and precise colors as well as faster response time. However, the HP Omen X 35 claims that it will feature 4ms response time which is every bit as good as any IPS panel had offered so far. It will also cover 100% of the sRGB colors space which will result in vibrant and vivid colors that might as well produce an overall better image quality due to the higher contrast ratio.

The HP Omen X 35 will feature an 1800R curvature which will allow you to fully immerse into all 5 million pixels of the flawless ultra-wide QHD experience. The ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio offers up to 34% more screen space than the common 16:9 monitors.

With the help of the Nvidia G-Sync technology, the high-quality picture will not only appear beautiful but perform amazingly as well. If you have a compatible Nvidia graphics card, you will be able to connect it through the DisplayPort and once you enable the G-Sync feature the refresh rate between your monitor and the GPU will become synchronized. Therefore, you will have a more steady frame rate and eliminate screen tearing, stuttering, and lagging. The 100Hz rate will help reduce the motion blur in the fast-paced video games, although the actual Hz range of the G-Sync is unknown at the moment.


HP Omen X 35 Amazon

The design of the HP Omen X 35 will feature a beauteous dark-colored appearance with very small bezels that will make the picture pop out. The somewhat horror-themed design features a base with customizable ambient lighting which will along the stand riser that resembles a cross add to the eerie and mystical feel of the monitor. The dark feel is more welcome than the flashy and cool designs of other more popular monitors, at least to some.

Besides the fact that it will be VESA mount compatible and height adjustable by 130mm, there is no other information yet regarding the ergonomics of the monitor. We do know that it will have a hook for headphones as, according to HP, most gamers tend to use them over speakers, hence the absence of the built-in speakers.

Update: The monitor is also tiltable by -5, 23 degrees. There is also an issue with the stand riser; the screen weights too much, so it cannot be held at the maximum height as it always falls down a few centimeters. The screen of the monitor is covered with an anti-glare coating.


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As the picture shows, the HP Omen X 35 will have one DisplayPort 1.2 for the G-Sync feature, and one HDMI 1.4 port. There will also be 3x USB3.0 ports for easy connection of the keyboard, mouse, or controller devices and an upstream USB port which connects to your PC in order for other USB ports to function. All the ports are neatly placed at the center of the screen facing upward expect for the headphones jack which is practically placed at the side.


Once the HP Omen X 35 is released in March, it will be available for $1300. The price is pretty much the same as it is for the rivaling Acer and Asus 34-inch curved gaming monitors. As all monitors offer the same resolution, 100Hz rate, and G-Sync features the choice between them will have to be made based on the panel and what individual users prefer. However, we still don’t have all the information of the HP Omen X 35 and whether it will have some unique gaming features similar to the Acer’s and Asus’ signature black stabilizing, crosshair overlays, and gaming presets features. Note that it provides only one year warranty.


HP has certainly surprised us with this beautiful yet dark looking gaming monitor. Although 100Hz G-Sync gaming is no big news for a 35-inch curved monitor, the implementation of a VA panel will certainly appeal to many people who were having second thoughts about getting a 34-inch curved Asus or Acer ultra-wide monitors with IPS panels. All in all, the HP Omen X 35 will undoubtedly impress all its users and offer them an immersive and awesome gaming experience which will make them never want to stop playing!

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