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Dell UP2715K Review: The World’s First 5K Monitor

Introduction Just when you thought a monitor couldn’t get any sharper, along came the Dell UP2715K (Dell UltraSharp UP2715K) with its ultra high resolution of over seven times what you can get with Full HD! With its large screen size, intense and accurate colors, and staggering resolution, this monitor is ideal for the professional uses

Microboard M340CLZ Review: Korean 34-Inch Curved VA Monitor

Introduction The Korean Microboard M340CLZ 34-inch curved monitor offers the amazing ultra-wide experience for a quite reasonable price. It features the Samsung VA panel which delivers astonishing contrast depths and impeccable viewing angles. By paying much less than you would for a more popular brand monitor with the same or similar specifications, you can still experience

AOC AGON AG271QX Review: 144Hz Gaming Monitor With FreeSync

The AOC AGON AG271QX features all the key elements one gamer might desire including the rapid 1ms response time, 144Hz rate, and various gaming features which make competitive gaming run smoothly on this gorgeous 27-inch 1440p display. The versatile aluminum base makes for easy ergonomic adjustments while the extensive connectivity options ensure to please every

ViewSonic VP2771 Review: USB 3.1 Monitor With SuperClear IPS Panel

Introduction The new ViewSonic VP2771 is an absolute delight for the professional designers, photographers, animator, and alike. This monitor is factory calibrated for various different purposes and it offers a wide range of further tweaking possibilities in the OSD settings menu. The flawless picture quality and solid response time and input lag will even appeal

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