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Philips 245C7QJSB Review: Borderless IPS Panel Monitor

Introduction The Philips 245C7QJSB is one of the brand-new Philips monitors from the Moda Slim C-Line series. Its main weapon lies in its beautifully thin design and in its IPS panel that covers a wide range of the color gamut, up to 106.5% of the NTSC (CIE 1913) color space. This monitor will also be

ASUS VE278H Review: Budget 27-Inch Monitor

The overall design and feel on the monitor deserves a kudos because of the up to date features that gamers, designers, and editors would love to have on a display any day. For gaming enthusiasts, you will relish the high resolution that comes with the ASUS VE278H Monitor. Right from the moment you unbox it

BenQ GL2760H Review: Budget 27-Inch Monitor

The BenQ GL2760H is an excellent 27-inch monitor that offers a widescreen experience at an affordable price. Being a Twisted Nematic (TN) monitor, you get a very fast response time of 2 milliseconds. The brightness and contrast claims made by the company are totally spot on.

UltraWide vs 4K – Which to Choose?

Short Answer Firstly, in order to decide between an ultra-wide monitor or a 4K, you should take into account that a 4K resolution demands a more powerful computer rig than the ultra-wide monitor does. While both types of monitors offer a lot of extra workspace, the ultra-wide is more recommended for multi-tasking, as having multiple

Dell U2515H Review: Budget 1440p IPS Monitor

Introduction Truth be told – 25-inch monitors are quite rare these days, but Dell managed to release one on top of their already popular models. The Dell UltraSharp U2515H is no exception to other already-known quality of Dell monitors. If you feel like the 27” monitor is too big for you, and if you are

IGZO vs IPS – Which is Better?

Short Answer IGZO is an acronym for Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide and it’s actually a different type of a semiconductor found in the TFT backplane, not a different panel. In comparison to the standard aSi-TFT IPS display, the IGZO-TFT IPS display greatly saves on power consumption while giving equally accurate and vibrant colors. However, they

Dell U2913WM Review: Budget Ultra-Wide Monitor

Introduction If you are habituated to crazy multitasking, a monitor with the normal aspect ratio is insufficient for displaying every open window without overlapping each other. Constantly relocating multiple windows simply saps productivity and triggers irritation. Therefore, multitaskers like me go for a dual-monitor configuration through which they use more than one display to view

ASUS PG279Q Vs Acer XB271HU

The ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q and the Acer Predator XB271HU are both excellent gaming monitors, but which one is better? While both of these gaming monitors give you the same smooth gameplay experience with the same image quality due to the basically identical specifications, the choice between the two is often made on the basis

ASUS VS248H-P Review: Budget TN Monitor

Introduction All through the reviews that I’ve been doing, it’s become impossible to ignore this masterpiece mainly because of its HUGE popularity. I’ve finally gotten the chance to review the ASUS VS248H-P monitor in all of its glory. It ‘s not the most expensive whistles and bells, but what makes this display a unique one

ASUS MX38VQ Preview: Curved Ultra-Wide IPS Monitor With Qi Wireless Charging

Introduction At the CES 2017, Asus has announced its biggest monitor yet, the ASUS MX38VQ also dubbed as the ASUS Designo Curve MX38VQ. It will feature an ultra-wide and curved 37.5-inch screen with the exclusive Qi Wireless charging. This beautiful office or home workspace monitor will also offer an amazing cinematic experience. The release date

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