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Philips 328E8QJAB5: Curved Full HD FreeSync Monitor

The Philips 328E8QJAB5 is a stylish thin-bezel monitor with the ultra wide-color technology, FreeSync, and humble Full HD resolution. This curved VA panel display uses superior contrast ratio and steep 1800R curvature to fully immerse you into whatever activity you happen to watch on the screen. 

1920 x 1080 vs 2560 x 1440 – Screen Resolution

In order to most effectively compare Full HD vs WQHD resolutions, we'll use a 27-inch monitor as an example. 27-inch monitors are most widespread and very popular on the market and can deliver both state-of-the-art performance and image quality or a budget-friendly display; naturally, screen resolution plays a big part in this. Other factors include

BenQ EW2770QZ Review: 1440p Eye Care Monitor For Office Use

This year we've reviewed many high refresh rate gaming monitors as well as some professional color editing displays. While some manufacturers announced exciting 4K 144Hz and HDR-ready monitors, BenQ has focused on the comfort and health of your eyesight with their innovative BenQ EW2770QZ. Along the blue light filter and flicker-free image, the BenQ EW2770QZ

Acer Predator Z35P Preview: Ultra-Wide G-Sync 120Hz Gaming Monitor

Acer has recently released another fantastic gaming monitor which is already available in some parts of Europe and Canada. The Acer Predator Z35P is not to be confused with the Acer Predator Z35 which is an older model of the monitor which offers 2560x1080 resolution while the Z35P model expands it to 3440x1440. Additionally, this

ASUS VE247H Review: Budget Full HD Monitor

I depend on my computer for a variety of tasks such as editing photos, watching HD movies from DVDs, playing games, view YouTube professional videos and create several documents using MS Office. Due to these diverse tasks, I always choose a monitor that can help in delivering all of them without any issue. Believe me;

Acer G226HQL Review: Budget Everyday Monitor

The Acer G226HQL is one of the most affordable Full HD 1080p monitors, making it an ideal option for those with a tight budget. The modern and attractive slim design with narrow bezels makes the monitor look more expensive as the picture pops out. As expected at this price point, the monitor doesn't offer any

AOC AGON AG271UG Review: 4K G-Sync Gaming Monitor

Introduction Not so long ago, AOC has introduced their first 4K resolution monitor into the Agon gaming series models. Besides the 4K resolution, the AOC AGON AG271UG gaming monitor features Nvidia G-Sync, a 10-bit IPS panel, many gaming features, and a versatile design with a thin bezel and plenty ergonomics. Although a 4K gaming monitor at 60Hz

BenQ PD2710QC Preview: Professional Designer 1440p Monitor With USB-C

Unlike most of the monitor manufacturers, we haven't heard much from BenQ this year, so far. However, BenQ did announce two new monitors for this year, although none of them are intended for gaming. The BenQ PD2710QC PC monitor is aimed at professional designers, besides being the BenQ's very first monitor to feature the USB

Acer G257HU Review: Ultra-Slim 1440p IPS Monitor

When Acer unveiled the G7 series, I was certain that gamers and professionals are in for a treat. Great visuals have always been one of the strong points of any Acer product – be it a monitor, a laptop, or a smartphone. As expected, it was also the great visual features that stood out in

HP 22cwa Review: Budget IPS Monitor

There is no denying that the HP 22cwa is a budget monitor. While it is affordable and all, this monitor has a lot more to offer compared to other monitors of the same price range. HP has managed to achieve two things with this model – offer a respectable set of specs and keep the

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