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HP 23er Review: Budget Bezelless IPS Monitor

The Hewlett Packard 23er (HP 23er) provides the thinnest LCD screen made by HP, thanks to innovation in lightweight, high strength metals. Turn it sideways and it practically disappears! Without a bezel framing the screen. The display goes from one edge of the screen to the other, making the images seem even bigger and more

Acer Predator XB241YU Review: 24-inch 1440p G-SYNC 165Hz Gaming Monitor

The new Acer Predator XB241YU is simply amazing. This is a new gaming monitor addition to Acer's Predator gaming hardware lineup and it caters to a lot of gamers. We'll now shortly review this gaming monitor from Acer and see what it has to offer. The 24-inch screen size is attractive to many gamers, who

Best Monitor for PS4 and Xbox One

More than often, gamers just want to look at a nice and free comparison chart and base their choice on that. We got you covered. Below are the best monitors for PS4 and XBOX One, handpicked by gaming monitor experts. We hope the table of the best monitors for PS4 and XBOX One above was of

Dell P2715Q Review: 27-inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor

Meet the Dell P2715Q Monitor With mind-boggling resolution and user-friendly design, the Dell P2715Q monitor seems set on blowing away the competition with user-friendly design and multiple user options. Compatible with Mac or PC, the amazing color consistency and pixel count make this monitor a favorite among photographers and artists. Perhaps because Dell was among

BenQ SW320 Review: 10-bit 4K HDR Monitor for Professionals

Introduction Scheduled to be released in January 2017, the BenQ SW320 is already drawing a lot of attention as it will be the first 4K HDR computer monitor. Intended particularly for high-end professional photographers and designers, this monitor will satisfy even the most demanding requirements with its 10-bit IPS panel’s color accuracy, HDR10 compatibility, and

LG 32UD99 Review: 10-bit 4K IPS USB-C Monitor

Introduction The LG reports that the new LG 32UD99 will be released sometime in 2017. More precise date and information will be available after the annual CES show which takes place in January 2017 in Las Vegas. Until then, we’ll share the information that the LG has released so far. At the moment, the LG

HP 25er Review: Beautiful Cheap 25-inch IPS Monitor

Tons of monitors are going to seem like the best fit, especially when you aren’t well-versed in the world of PC gaming (and such). If this is your first time looking at a brand new monitor, don’t worry - my HP 25er review should give you a good idea as to what you’re buying.

Dell SE2416HX Review: Very Cheap 1080p IPS Monitor

The Dell SE2416HX computer monitor is a 23.8” inch option that’s ideal for both video games and entertainment in general. It features a very glossy and thin bezel finish, with an aluminium painted riser to create a sense of contrast (as well as add a bit of design into the mix). It’s optimal for just

Acer G246HL Review

Personally, I never want to deal with a lackluster monitor. They not only provide you with terrible image quality, but it just makes the entertainment experience a daunting one. When you aren’t happy with the quality of your monitor’s image, it only makes sense to purchase a brand new one. That’s where I felt like

ASUS PA248Q Review: 24-inch High Color Accuracy Monitor for Photo Editing

Are you looking for a monitor that has high professional value? If yes, then ASUS ProArt PA248Q LED monitor is likely to make you a pro! On offer from this well-known brand, the ProArt (PA) series targets professional users along with those doing color-critical tasks. So, if you are a designer, you can consider and

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