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LG 38UC99-W Review: Ultra-Wide IPS Curved Monitor With FreeSync, Motion Blur Reduction, And USB-C

Allow me to introduce the LG 38UC99-W to you, the monitor that has it all - a giant 38-inch curved screen with a subtle curvature, FreeSync technology, vibrant image quality of its IPS panel, 1ms Motion Blur Reduction feature, Bluetooth speakers, and a ton of more awesome features. Although a bit pricey, this monitor delivers

HP DreamColor Z31x Preview: DCI-4K High-End Professional Monitor

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, HP has announced two new additions to the DreamColor series. The HP DreamColor Z31x Studio is aimed at the high-end professional content creators; it features the Cinema 4K resolution of 4096x2160 and a true 10-bit IPS panel for accurate and consistent colors. The monitor also

Acer Predator XB272 Preview: 240Hz Gaming Monitor With G-Sync

Acer has announced four monitors from the Predator series at the CES this year. The Acer Predator XB272 is a 27-inch version of the 25-inch XB252Q model. More importantly, the Acer Predator XB272 will also have its HDR version although its release time is still unknown but should happen sometime in the second quarter of

LG 27UD69P Preview: 4K UHD IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

LG has decided to upgrade one of their most praised 4K gaming models, the LG 27UD68, that we've already reviewed. In addition to adding pivot and height adjustment options, the LG 27UD69P will have a higher contrast ratio for a more brilliant image quality. This exceptional gaming monitor is already available for $500 at the

NEC MultiSync EX341R Preview: Curved Ultra-Wide Monitor For Professional Use

Meet the NEC's very first curved monitor, the NEC MultiSync EX341R. This giant, ultra-wide monitor is by no means a gaming monitor due to the mediocre input lag and low refresh rate, but it offers a lot of interesting and innovative features. Additionally, it has plenty of connectivity and ergonomic options as well as an

LG 32UD99 Review: HDR10 IPS Monitor With USB-C And FreeSync

Introduction LG has announced yet another amazing monitor at the CES this year. The LG 32UD99 boasts a beautiful borderless design at all sides with HDR10 compatibility, USB type C port, and FreeSync technology. There is no doubt that the forthcoming 32-inch monitor with 4K resolution and HDR will appeal to everyone from the professional designers to

Acer H226HQL Review: Budget IPS Monitor

The Acer H226HQLbid is an affordable Full HD monitor with a stylish slim bezel design. It offers plenty of connectivity options, an IPS panel for vibrant colors, and some unique and exclusive features. Whether you need a monitor for everyday use such as watching movies or for casual gaming, you can now do so in

Philips BDM4037UW Preview: 40-Inch Curved 4K Monitor

Philips has recently announced this enormous and beauteous 40-inch display which will feature a 4K UHD resolution, plenty of connectivity options, and a 10-bit VA panel. The Philips BDM4037UW is the latest of the Brilliance series monitors, it involves a curved screen with a 3000R curvature for a stunningly immersive viewing experience. This enticing display

HP 23er Review: Budget Bezelless IPS Monitor

The Hewlett Packard 23er (HP 23er) provides the thinnest LCD screen made by HP, thanks to innovation in lightweight, high strength metals. Turn it sideways and it practically disappears! Without a bezel framing the screen. The display goes from one edge of the screen to the other, making the images seem even bigger and more

Acer Predator XB241YU Review: 24-inch 1440p G-SYNC 165Hz Gaming Monitor

The new Acer Predator XB241YU is simply amazing. This is a new gaming monitor addition to Acer's Predator gaming hardware lineup and it caters to a lot of gamers. We'll now shortly review this gaming monitor from Acer and see what it has to offer. The 24-inch screen size is attractive to many gamers, who

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