AOC E2425SWD Review: Budget Everyday Monitor

The AOC E2425SWD is a budget monitor which delivers Full HD resolution, immersive image quality, and plenty of exclusive features. It is Energy Star certified for its eco-friendly design and power-efficient performance. Apart from having a brilliant picture quality, there are a lot of configurable options in the OSD menu, as well as some pre-calibrated [...]

The Dell UP3218K 8K Monitor Now Available for 5000 USD

It was only a few years ago that 4K monitors hit the shelves and they are not even mainstream yet, and you can already buy an 8K monitor today: the Dell UP3218K. This incredible monitor from Dell is now available for a whopping $5000. It can be yours for this incredible amount. The best gaming [...]

ASUS VH236H Review: Budget Everyday Monitor

If you're in need of an affordable and reliable monitor for casual gaming, movie watching, or any other multimedia activity, the ASUS VH236H is the monitor for you. It features a rapid 2ms response time for fluent gaming, a crisp Full HD resolution for high-quality movies, and some extra features including the built-in speakers and [...]

AOC e2752She Review: Budget Everyday Monitor

The AOC e2752She is an affordable 27-inch monitor which is ideal for gaming, everyday use, and some professional work which doesn't require accurate colors. This monitor features a TN panel with a rapid 2ms response time, solid viewing angles, and a crisp Full HD 1080p image quality. In addition, it offers some exclusive and very [...]

Dell U3011 Review: 2560×1600 Adobe RGB Monitor

The Dell UltraSharp U3011 offers everything professional designers of all kinds might need for their color-critical and multi-tasking work. The most useful features include extra vertical space due to the 16:10 aspect ratio, factory calibrated sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces, extensive connectivity, and a plenty of image configuration options. All of that packed in [...]

BenQ GW2750HM Review: Budget VA Monitor

Whether you're watching movies, playing video games, or just surfing the web, the BenQ GW2750HM offers an immersive image quality. It features a superior contrast thanks to its VA panel which makes for an amazing relation between the darkest and the brightest colors. Additionally, it provides a quick response time, built-in speakers, plenty of connectivity [...]

Acer K242HYL Review: Budget IPS Monitor

The Acer K242HYL is a sleek and slim monitor which delivers a vibrant image quality at an affordable price. It is a perfect budget monitor for gaming, everyday use, and even some beginner-level designing due to the highly accurate and consistent colors of the IPS panel. The monitor is Energy Star qualified and delivers a [...]

Samsung S22F350 Review: Budget 22-Inch Monitor

Gamers and computer users come in all shapes and sizes, from the novice user to the seriously advanced gamer who has relied on a capable monitor since the days of Pong. The latter already knows what they need/want in a monitor and that the Samsung S22F350 is geared towards novices. Capable, functional, reliable and affordable [...]

Viotek GN32C Review: 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Introduction So you are looking for a gaming monitor suitable for a serious gamer such as yourself, with a price tag to match? Look no further as you have just come across the monitor you need. The Viotek GN32C has everything you could want from a technical standpoint, everything you crave from a gaming standpoint, [...]

LG 31MU97-B Review: The Best DCI 4K IPS Monitor

The LG 31MU97-B is definitely one of the best, more affordable, monitors that offer the true 4K resolution. The digital industry standard 4K resolution of 4096x2160 is used for the production of the industry films and videos and it delivers over a half million more pixels than the common UHD resolution of 3840x2160. [...]

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