Philips 245C7QJSB Review: Borderless IPS Panel Monitor

Introduction The Philips 245C7QJSB is one of the brand-new Philips monitors from the Moda Slim C-Line series. Its main weapon lies in its beautifully thin design and in its IPS panel that covers a wide range of the color gamut, up to 106.5% of the NTSC (CIE 1913) color space. This monitor will also be [...]

AOC AGON AG271QG Review: 165Hz G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

Introduction The AOC AGON AG271QG delivers an amazing gaming experience thanks to its whopping 165Hz refresh rate, rapid 4ms response time, and Nvidia G-Sync technology. Not only do video games run buttery smooth on this gaming monitor, they look amazing too; the true 8-bit IPS panel with 100% sRGB color space coverage ensures accurate and [...]

AOC AGON AG322QCX: Curved 1440p FreeSync Gaming Monitor

AOC has just released some new monitors and the AOC AGON AG322QCX is one of them. It’s an incredible 31.5-inch gaming monitor that features some amazing features for gamers. What you’ll notice first is the amazing design of this new gaming monitor. It has something called a “three-side” frameless design and it’s also curved as [...]

LG 23MP68VQ Review: Budget IPS Monitor With FreeSync

Introduction If you’re looking for a nice, budget monitor with vibrant colors and a beautiful border-less design, look no further and meet the LG 23MP68VQ. Although a budget monitor, it delivers accurate and consistent colors thanks to the IPS panel that covers over 99% of the sRGB color space. Additionally, it offers an amazing gaming [...]

LG 27UD68 Review: Best 4K UHD IPS FreeSync Monitor

This 4K display monitor delivers stunning image quality with 99% sRGB color gamut accuracy required by professional designers and photographers. It offers various unique features which will help graphic designers efficiently utilize their work. Yet the monitor is not only intended for work as it also has some gaming exclusive features as well. [...]

Best Settings for Overwatch

It doesn’t matter if you have the best gaming monitor already, as you also need to change the Overwatch video settings in order to get an advantage over your opponents. With these Overwatch settings, you will ready to stomp your opponents if you have the necessary skills for it. Applying these settings definitely helps, but it [...]

Is FreeSync Worth It?

Unlike G-Sync, AMD's FreeSync doesn't cost as much; in fact, with most of the newer LG, Samsung, and BenQ monitors the FreeSync technology comes free of charge. NVIDIA G-Sync requires a propretiary chip to be installed inside the monitor, which adds a premium to the monitor, but it is also a little bit better than [...]

Dell U2412M Review: Budget IPS Gaming Monitor

The Dell UltraSharp U2412M certainly lives up to its name. Aptly called ‘UltraSharp’, this 24-inch monitor and the top-notch quality IPS-panel does offer the same sharpness as the bigger version of this amazing display, the Dell U2715H. The visual quality, calibration, adjustability, ease of setup, and the ergonomic design are sufficient reasons to dub this [...]

ASUS VE278H Review: Budget 27-Inch Monitor

The overall design and feel on the monitor deserves a kudos because of the up to date features that gamers, designers, and editors would love to have on a display any day. For gaming enthusiasts, you will relish the high resolution that comes with the ASUS VE278H Monitor. Right from the moment you unbox it [...]

BenQ GL2760H Review: Budget 27-Inch Monitor

The BenQ GL2760H is an excellent 27-inch monitor that offers a widescreen experience at an affordable price. Being a Twisted Nematic (TN) monitor, you get a very fast response time of 2 milliseconds. The brightness and contrast claims made by the company are totally spot on. [...]

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